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Daleep Akoi

Daleep began his career as a writer and editor with Reuters in New York City and now spends time developing experiential boutique properties in the Himalayan states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. He also devotes his time to writing about the jungle and its unique wildlife, acts with a traveling theater company and manages a jungle lodge called Jim's Jungle Retreat at Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Having spent an entire childhood amid jungle air and river sound, it was a natural homecoming for Daleep to the Kumaon foothills of Corbett. He is now developing new programs that aid in educating guests and children about the wonders of the Indian jungles, the importance of all of its living beings and our dependence on it.

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Aanchal Malhotra

Aanchal Malhotra is a multimedia artist whose works explore the written word, photographic imagery and traditional printmaking. It reflects on issues like cultural diaspora and displacement, notions of withdrawing from or belonging to a certain place, the forgotten fragments of collective experiences, and family history and genealogy.

She is currently working on a project entitled, 'Remnants of a Separation' - a study of the material remains of the Partition of the Indian Subcontinent in 1947. Her primary research is based on the objects that individuals took with them when they left their homes on either side of the border - the belongings that became a part of their journey - whatever shape it was to take- and those which are now a part of their histories.

Third generation of the Bahrisons Bookseller family, she has grown up surrounded by books and works as a literary agent at Red Ink Literary Agency, is actively involved with Tara-India Research Press, and can also be found at

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Kiran Chaturvedi

An experienced sociologist, qualitative consumer insight researcher, author and citizen activist, Kiran is sociologist by training, and a Gold medallist from Delhi University. She is the founder of Write & Beyond, a creative writing facilitation workshop based out of Gurgaon. She has experience of 14 years in Qualitative Consumer Research, most of it with RI, Mumbai (now TNS Global). During a 2 year hiatus from her job as a Market Researcher, she took her first entrepreneurial step with launching a pioneering Day Care cum Play School In Mumbai, Shining Beacon, as she found no suitable options in the market for her then 4 year old son.

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Saumya Kulshreshtha

A writer by passion and profession, Saumya is a Poet, Blogger, Editor and Translator. English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit literature are her active sites of engagement. She runs a poetry club in the city called Poets' Collective, which has become popular as an informal platform to share heartfelt words. She is a part of the founding team of Kaafiya - Delhi's own poetry festival. Saumya conducts poetry and creative writing workshops in NGOs, schools and colleges. She is also a guest teacher at IIIT Delhi for the purpose of teaching poetry. Her own blog - Nascent Emissions - has attracted more than 4 million hits. Other than poetry, heritage and mythology are subjects which interest her. Besides, she is a social media strategist who consults for individuals, organizations, start ups and various projects of the government. Her day job comprises of putting together the best communication strategies for Shiv Nadar School.

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Richa Thakur

Richa heads the NHP Secretariat which is also supporting the Colloquium Secretariat.

As a part of NHP Centre, Richa has successfully marked her presence as a vital member of the group. She, together with her team in the Secretariat, is responsible for providing managerial and organisational support for all NHP Centre and Colloquium projects and programs.

She was responsible for management of the first edition of Kumaon Literary Festival. She is also responsible for setting up Prof. S P Passi Rural Library.

Richa has completed her bachelors in Political Science from Delhi University & Advance Diploma in Spanish from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Her instinct for travel and her desire to create leads to her interest in unfolding different cultures and capturing it through photography. Her desire to pursue a career in social sector motivated her to join NHP Centre.

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Shruti Bhatt

As a programme coordinator at NHP Centre, Shruti works on various projects of NHP Centre and the Colloquium. She was a key member of the team that managed the first edition of Kumaon Literary Festival. She also is working on the museum of Indian graphic art - Chitrashala under the tutelage of museum curators and collectors Sumant and Asha Batra.

Shruti Bhatt is an engineering graduate, consumed with her passions day in and day out. An avid moviemaniac, a foodie, a bibliophile, and coffee-fashion-music enthusiast, Ms. Bhatt is on the way of becoming a raconteur - the word she is most fascinated with.

Atika Gupta

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Atika Gupta

A Corporate and Brand Communications professional with a keen eye for innovation and detail, Atika Gupta brings with her over 15 years of experience in varied industries like academia, publishing, hospitality, retail and CSR. She has successfully spearheaded launch of luxury boutique hotels, bookstores and an art gallery. Her passion for art and literature has led Atika to effectively curate and strategise events across various international platforms. She currently heads PR & Corporate Communications for CG Corp Global, a multinational conglomerate operating in over 30 countries and 5 continents with 76 brands, and 80 companies.

She’s a self-proclaimed workaholic, perfectionist and foodie. When not working, she likes to pursue her interests in singing, dancing, cooking and reading.