An Annual Literary Retreat

Fellows of Nature

Nature writing was once considered to be the rock and roll of literature. In the last few decades, it has shown a steady decline. Like all extinctions, nature writings' gradual disappearance represents a profound loss. Writing in this category is born out of love, respect, and awe of nature. It finds its subject during days of close observation of the beauty of the natural world. Writing about the close relationship between humankind and nature plays an important role in creating interest and building respect for it amongst book lovers and others. There is a pressing need to restore this literary art.

Fellows of Nature (FON) is founded by Asha and Sumant Batra, in partnership with the French Institute in India, to build a community of nature writers and through this form of literature, build awareness and develop respect for nature, and eventually help in conservation. FON is supported by Wildlife Trust of India and The Energy & Resources Institute.

The FON South Asia Short Story Award on Nature Writing has emerged as a prestigious award in its very first edition. Already stepping out of the shadows of Kumaon Literary Festival, FON is set to go on its own journey.