A Literary Retreat


Kumaon Literary Festival is a not-for-profit annual literary festival produced by Indian Cinema Heritage Foundation.

Thinkers, writers, poets, and artists are amongst the most dominant constituents of a cultural society. They deeply influence the society, in particular the young minds, and play a key role in setting the cultural agenda or even the rhythm of a society through their work.

India is currently passing through a phase of rapid social, cultural, and economic transition. India's immensely young population has to struggle with the dynamics of this transition on a daily basis. The youth have favourite writers, favourite books, and at times even look up to writers as their heroes. The role of artists, writers, and poets, therefore, assumes far greater importance in such times, in particular in guiding the youth in coping with the fallout of the changing social, economic, and cultural landscape.

KLF brings together brilliant and unique minds from various genres of the creative world. Artists whose work is considered credible, reliable, and honourable get together and through their discussions provide guidance and enriching insights to those who are most receptive - our youth.