A Literary Retreat


KLF is a literary festival unlike any other; one that strives to raise the bar and set high standards for the long-term benefit of the literary field; one that is looked upon as an institution in itself.

Set out in the following paragraphs is its key aims and aspirations. With its goals and roadmap for implementation clearly outlined, the festival will be gradually institutionalised so that it is not just a one-off event in a year.

A thought leader

Thought leaders lead their industry as specialists and subject-matter experts. They possess a distinctively original idea, a unique point of view or an unprecedented insight into their industry. While offering an inclusive platform for all stakeholders to facilitate a profound, in-depth, free, and frank dialogue and debate on issues that confront the world of Indian literature, KLF serve as an independent and credible thought-leader that earns the respect of the literary community and to which the literary community defers to for guidance.

Celebrate Literature

KLF celebrate literature by bringing together creative minds from around the country to offer insights on matters relevant to the world of Indian literature and our cultural life as a nation.

Caged birds must be set free. Untold stories must be told. Books, existing, as well as those that are work-in-progress, must be celebrated, for they are the stories of the writers, thinkers, and artists. who are the influencers of our society.

A forum for young adults

Literature for children and young adults doesn't get the attention it deserves, at least in our country. At KLF, we believe that reading "good" and "responsibly written" books, as well as reading the classics, is an important habit to inculcate from a very young age.

Reading the classics lays a solid foundation and sets a high standard of quality forthe usage of language in a child's impressionable mind. Great storytelling also contributes in igniting a child's imagination. In international markets, literature for young adults is a popular genre; however, the quality of writing cannot always be classified as the best.

KLF believes that children's fiction is capable of being great literature. If you are looking for writing that changes the reader and the world, there may be no better form. It is the youngest minds that are the most receptive and if at this stage we lay the right foundation, we are contributing towardsdeveloping a bright and stable mind.

KLF will highlight this genre, the gaps therein, as well as the immense potential of this genre and bring in people who are passionate about presenting quality literature and fiction to children and young adults.

A capable stage for aspiring writers

India is a young nation with an even younger population, which means more innovative minds, more aspiring writers with untold stories, fresh views to old and new problems, an energetic aura, and more individuals with fire in their belliesto voice their opinion.

KLF provides a platform to the young and aspiring writers tobe among the individualsthey admire, to raise questions, express opinions, share insights, and gain a deeper understanding of what is involved in being a successful writer.

KLF aspires to become a significant and crucial platform where aspiring writers can interact meaningfully with established and experienced writers.

Mentoring the young

KLF believes that it is the responsibility of the more stable and established adults of the society to provide guidance, be approachable, become mentors, and offer their wisdom to young and aspiring writers who are the future thought leaders. The festival will provide a platform to the best in the literary field to mentor budding writers and to offer them guidance.

KLF will draw from the "servant leadership" philosophy, one that upholds serving of the society for its greater benefit, by those who are the game changers and transformers of the society.

Fair representation & opportunities

KLF represents wide sections of the literary spectrum, from the young to the more experienced writers, the aspiring to the established, mainstream languages to those that are facing extinction, from one end of the country to the other, popular genres to the less visible.

An equal opportunity platform, KLF is sensitive to writers who express in languages other than English. Deserving writers from the Kumaon region will also get equal opportunities to showcase their talent.

Anchor the writers and poets from Kumaon region

KLF will be held at Te Aroha, situated in the heart of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand.

KLF aspires to be just that − the preserver of talent. It will be a stage for the writers who are already performing well, as well as for those who deserve much more attention than they have received so far.KLF will also provide a platform to the talented, even if unknown,writers and poets local to the Kumaon region. This will provide the local aspiring writers an opportunity to showcase their talent, and to thrive!

Awards & Recognition

KLF aims to evolve into an institution in itself. It aims to be an annual event that will raise the bar and set higher standards of quality, be unconventional and different from any other literary festival. KLF will strive to identify, promote, and reward new talent.

The festival will award deserving writers who display sincerity and responsibility in their writing and uphold the philosophies that KLF stands for. In this way, we hope the legacy and philosophies of KLF will be carried forward from one generation of writers to the next.

Partnerships & Affiliations

The festival will be curated in partnership with the local Kumaon community, in collaboration with global and national bodies, forums, and entities with common goals and objectives.

KLF will approach schools in the Kumaon region with the purpose of discovering children with a talent and aptitude for writing. We would like to provide these children an opportunity to present their work, thereby motivating them to pursue their art. Gone are the days when being an Engineer, Doctor, or Lawyer were the only good career options worth considering. KLF would like to stand tall and represent all writers and be an equal opportunity platform regardless of age or any other form of discrimination.


Since KLF aspires to be a thought leader among literary festivals in the country, it will attract a wide spectrum of writers from a variety of genres. Creativity thrives, blossoms, and multiplies when expressed. Expression brings about connection. Connections contribute to building an excellent network in the field. This is what we aspire to provide to those involved and invited to KLF −aplatform that offers the possibility of building a network among the top creative minds in the literary field.

This level and strength of networking will intensely contribute towards exposing talent that is yet to see the light of day; knowing and making accessible the top talent in the field, in a particular genre; and helping aspiring writers find a mentor.