An Annual Literary Retreat

KLF Framework

KLF is built around an unconventional framework and format, one that sets it apart from all other literary festivals held in the country.

KLF is conceptualised as an institution with an eco-system comprising of initiatives, projects and activities that are not limited or confined to the 5-day festival. The institutionalised approach to the festival is aimed at maximizing impact and optimize on resources that will help in identifying hidden talent, open avenues and opportunities for writers and increase their access through translations and other means to a larger audience. This also ensures we have some measurable and tangible outcomes that are in addition to the festival. Three key projects that are part of KLF’s eco-system are: Fellows of Nature, in partnership with French Institute in India, Wildlife Trust of India and others; Women Unlimited Series, in partnership with United Nations Women; and Literary Bhagidari.

The Roundtable

The KLF Roundtable, a closed-door flagship event of the festival, is held on the sides of festival. Comprising of a diverse group of thinkers and writers (maximum of 30), the roundtable serves as an informed and independent voice that sets the agendaand debate in the world of literature, influences policies and practices around literature, and contributes towards the well-being of the society.

The Roundtable is like a think tank that discusses key literary and scholarly texts in order to generate new ideas and approaches to the study of literature and folklore. Attendance of the roundtable is by invitation only.


KLF Lifetime Achievement Award

Kumaon Literary Festival Lifetime Achievement Award is an annual award by Kumaon Literary Festival to recognise contributions made by an individual to promote literature or the cause of literature, over the whole of a career. The award includes a plaque and cash amount of Rs. 50000 presented by YES INSTITUTE.

In 2015, Kumaon Literary Festival Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded posthumously to Shri Girish Chander Tiwari (Girda Ji)

Shri Girish Chander Tiwari (Girda Ji)

Aaj Himalaya tumin ke dhattyu cha,
Jag oho jago mere lal,
Nahin kari di halo hamro neelami,
Nahin kari di halo hamro hala..

Seldom lives a man whose poems are not just confined to his subjective experiences but burst forth lime a gale; became a movement, influence an entire generation, revive a local dying language and leave a legacy.

Girish Chandra Tiwari, fondly called Girda, was the voice that moved and shaped the conscience of masses in Uttarakhand. A tireless crusader for social causes, he was at the forefront in all the movement of the region; Chipko movement, Uttarakhand Andolan and "Nasha Nahin Rozgaar Do", among others.

Apart from being a social activist he was a refined poet, a theatre personality and a versatile artist. His preferred instrument was ‘hudka’ and the language of his protest, Kumaoni. He had an encyclopaedia knowledge of mountains. Local culture the Nepali migrants and gave up the comfort of government job to steer the causes he had undertaken.

Deeply influenced by the dissent poetry of Faiz he translated many of them in local dialect. As theatre director he was the first person to bring modern Hindi drama to the people of Kumaon. "Andha Yug" by Dharamveer Bharti was staged in Nainital and he wrote plays like "Nagade Khamosh Hain" reflecting the political times. Never someone to kowtow before authority he acted inplays like "Andher Nagri" during the time of Emergency.

A Life Time Achievement Award is a small token for a man who, with his ways and life, has bequeathed such abundance of creativity to the people of Uttarakhand. Girda is forever part to the memories of millions in the region, who fondly remember him as ‘hudka ’playing and Kumaoni singing sage.

Dr. Rana Kapoor Young Talent Award

The award, sponsored by YES INSTITUTE, is a joint initiative of NHP Centre and Kumaon Literary Festival to encourage, recognise and promote young talent in the field of literature. The award comprises of a certificate and cash of Rs. 5000/-.

In 2015, Dr. Rana Kapoor Young Talent Award was presented to Neha Bisht, aged 15, a student of GIC, Dhanachuli.